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Well. As long as you will continue to ride backside, I think you'll find the Kodes a better compromise. But if you, particular in those conditions, want to improve you frontside riding you will much easier on an EVO.

The EVO 80 would be a wonderful light wind riding board for you and it's aster in recent incarnations too. But at the same time I think it is in fact a bit big for you to get a big range out of it. Chances are that when its windy enough for wave to be OK, you'll already find it a bit too big. It's a wide boards and even though it has a huge range for a heavier person, it will not have the same range at 60 kilos, I would say.

So, I think it makes more sense to go Kode for the big one. A Kode 86 is pretty much as big (wide) and will be even more difficult in powered up wave riding but then you will at least have a PERFECT board for blasting, jumping and backside riding which are things you do. And when the wind starts to generate some wave you can easily e on the small board anyway, I suppose.

So, then the choice of small board becomes the next question. Kode or EVO? Or more specifically, Kode 68 or EVO 66. They are pretty much the same width (53) the Kode having a narrower tail. Both have excellent control, the Kode by feeling very solid and directional and the EVO by being a bit more calm and damped. I personally prefer the EVO feel in lots of wind and the 66 in particular is awesome. Both are good with a 5.0. The Kode wil be a tad faster and easier in really big sideshore wave conditions because its easier to keep it on it's rail. But in practice, I dont think this is something you need to consider. If you're interested in developing your front side riding skills, the EVO 66 will be the best board, and in 5.0 and down its fast enough for anything.

(You mentioned the EVO 62, and then we're talking a 2008 or earlier board. It's good too. In a way even more "EVO:ish". Smaller in volume but still perfectly OK with a 5.0 for you. If you have your eyes on an EVO 62, I can describe it more if you want).

So, EVO 66 and Kode 86 then? Well, maybe not so fast. You should also consider the Kode 80. I think this will be a more all round shape for you. You will get A LOT more high wind performance out of the Kode 80 and more options of tuning the feel you want for the day when it's typical mid wind conditions . But you WILL lose some light wind performance too. Not with something like a 5.5 maybe, but the 6.2 will not go as well in the Kode 80. So maybe the 86 is better after all. Unless you could settle for, say, a 5.7 as your biggest sail.

If you go with the E66+K86 and really want to fine tune things, a quiver with a 5.3 in it would get the max out of the 66 and probably be a better fit on the 86 for you too. But that is very much going into the fine print...
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