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Default fin for EVO 100


I just went out fot the first time with my new EVO 100. It was gusting 35 knots, average around 20 kn. I was on 5.0 S-1 at the beginning overpowered, later just fine.

The board is nice, not so fast but perfectly under control, kind of early planner and unexpectedly easy to ride even for me at 100kg (dry).

The only problem I have with the board so far is the this:
The lake I usaully sail on has a tricky chop...unregular, up to 1 meter. The problem is as the board go upwind (actually suprisingly well as long the fin is in the water)...I hit the chop, and as the fin looses the contact with the water, the one thing that follows is massive spinout and waterstart.

Now the question is...for such a rough see high wind freeride do I need to change a fin or just get used to it and try to fit in my sailing style?

Thanks for the response!
Ciao Michal.
PA 86 & eVo 100 (with S-1); iS 101 & 122 & 144 (with Overdrive)
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