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Thanks for the information which is really helpful.

You mention e80 maybe being too big and more narrow range… I would intend to use this size board only for 6.2, 5.5 really, and the smaller one for 5.0 and below. I am happy to sacrifice some upwind and speed for manouvarabily, control and being able to throw it around. I tend to prefer to sail powered to under, rather than over.

Your opinion was the k80 would not really be suitable for 6.2, would the e80 more suitable, or do you still recommend k86? I suppose I am angling for less volume if possible and two boards that ride in a very similar way.

If I went e80, would the better pairing be e66 or e62? My only concern is whether e66 would feel too big with 3.5, 4.0. (I tend to use 3.5 when most are on 4.2/4.5!), or conversely I would get more form e66 in 5.0 weather? Are the two small evos quite different?

If you are recommending the k86 as the big board, I feel the jump to e62 would be too big? And two quite contrasting boards and styles? to pair k86 and e66 am I also looking at two different styles?
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