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I think the E80 will work better for you with a 6.2 than the K80 (due to more width). I used to use it with 6.0-6.2 myself now and then and I'm 71kg. The E80 turns very well despite its width and tai width, its only when speeds go up it will start to get cumbersome (at your light weight). For light wind sailing (5.5+) at the type of locations you describe it work great. It will be an AWESOME tool for practicing those frontside turns in lighter wind conditions. And if you're willing to sacrifice that last piece of "crisp freeride feel" a faster board like the K86 gives, then E80 is a better alternative.

E66/E62: In the big picture these two are similar boards - both with the EVO feel. But when you go into details they are a bit difference. E62 is shorter and (slightly) lower volume, a tad wider and curvier in outline. Good in smaller waves, despite the curvy outline it handles sail power really well. It is slightly more difficult when waves get a bit hollow, but maybe this is not what you will sail. Both are sweet and easy in a top turn, the 62 comes around a bit easier but the 66 carries speed a bit better. In backside riding, I would say the 66 has an edge. If you're learning front side riding, I think the 62 might be a bit more "supportive" by giving easier turning at slower speeds.

The EVO 66 (which is really 64 liters, so not much difference really) is a slight bit more directional in feel and I would say it works in more types of wave conditions. For me its a better board than the 62 overall, but there are times when I miss the 62 too. The question is how it will be at your (12 kilos) lighter weight? For pure high wind control I think both of them will work just as well. The 62 feels very controllable just by being so short. It gets blown around a lot less than most boards and just feels "right in size" in a special way even at my weight and probable even more so at your weight. The 66 feels more stable instead, which helps with high wind control too, but in a different way.

I guess either would work fine. Both are fantastic with 3.5, at least for me, and them I'm talking the kind of 3.5 sailing when even the 80+ guys are on 3.5. So I think they will work very well with 3.5 for you too. Both work with 5.0 for me, and will for you too. Neither will work well with 5.5, but the 66 might actually be able to handle (under protest).

For some reason, to me it feel that the 66 connect a tad better to the 80- but in practice I think the 62+80 would work well too at your weight. Personally I prefer quivers with a fair bit of overlap and neither 66+80 or 62+80 will have this (at your weight I would have ditched the 6.2 and gone or a EVO 62/66+75). But if you instead prefer to have the widest possible sailing range you can get from two boards, than EVO 62/66+80 will be perfect.

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