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>One: Is the hypersonic an outdated design? Don't see anyone making anything like it anymore.

It's a bit outdated compared to iSonics. It was interesting compared to older narrow slaloms.

>Two: Is it an early planing design? Because I've heard it wasn't ; just a wide-style racer with upwind and downwind vmg in mind.

No it's not an early planer for its width. You have to work to plane (a bit more than on iSonics for example)

>Three: does it really work with that little Drake fin? What sail range? Can I put a bigger one on? Weed fin?

Yes it works with smaller fins than you'd expect, because of that peculiar bottom shape. Massive sail range 6-9, some people pushed it from 5-10m

>Four:Will it bust my ankles the moment i take her into mad chop or try to jump?

It's good for eating chop (again "keel" bottom shape), up to a point, depends on how mad the chop is. Jumping? Not recommended with extreme outboard straps anyway.

>Five: Can I slog her home upwind if the wind dies? Or is it push though the water like a deflated beach ball?

Slogging is very hard work (extremely short length). How much do you weigh?

>Six: I've seen some videos online of people planing and ripping in 8-12 knots. Is this true or are they just lying about the wind speed?

It's possible, light sailors, big sails, good technique. If you're heavy forget it.

>My windsurf buddy wants to sell me his Hyper so he can buy an iSonic. Otherwise I'd like to hear some compelling reasons for just getting a new iSonic as well.

Better acceleration, more reactive, better gybes.
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