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Lots of food for thought, much of it is concurrent with what i've heard about this board.

It's the 111 ltr wood model. Maybe 2004?

I weigh 150 lbs with GO 150 and 110 freeride board. Thought that this might be a good hybrid of both and sell both of those boards.

So: Minuses

It's not an especially early planer. Probably would need more sail power than my biggest 7.5 can provide and when finally on plane I'd probably spend most of my time pointing high, sheeting out and trying to dump power.

Likes race sails, might not work with my 7.5 Naish Koa a big ol' cheapy RAF freeride sail.

Not a jumper with outboard straps.

Is a medium wind board best around 20 knots. ( I'm usually thinking 58cm wide freestyle wave board and 5.0 with these conditions!)

Technical jiber ( the one thing that doesn't need to be more technical for me)

Tough to slog because of stubby waterline.


Might plane in 8 knots with andreas' setup.

Great upwind when planing.

Fast when planing.

Fits into cars easily.

Floaty for my weight.

It's still tempting because of the upwind ability. After years of raceboard and GO I know that typical freeride boards don't offer this kind of upwind power or planing efficiency in this case.

Unfortunately there's too few flat water sailing spots around here. Lots of chop, lots of wind swell, lots of rocky shores and sea walls.
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