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Default RE: Broken code red batten

Hi Martwald,
I'm pretty sure you need the correct batten for your Code Red.
Most WS sail lofts have the carbon tubing, and may be able ro replace the tubing if that's the part of the batten that broke.
If not, I'd suggest ordering the whole batten.
Now, a question for you?
Why are you "pushing" the cambers off the mast?
Nearly all cambered sails I've ever had seemed to derig rather nicely by just releasing the downhaul line pressure gradually.
The battens move up the mast, the mast straightens out, and at some point the cam tension goes away and the battens simply fall off.
Is the Code Red somehow different in this respect?
I have several Sailworks NXfw and NX4 fully cambered race sails and while I do need to open the zippers and push the cams onto the mast (this is the suggested rigging process) I don't need to do anything when derigging the sail, with the cams. As suggested above, the cams slide up the mast a bit as the downhaul tension is released, and they fall off the mast all by themselves as the tension that holds them on the mast goes away.
Hope this helps,
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