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I was reading your comments on the Kode 122 and Kode 112. What did you like about the Kodes? I have seen Starboard's video a number of times and they describe the the kode 112 and 122 as optional free-ride boards. I want to buy a new board in that size range for mostly flat to choppy water for sails 4.5-7.0 in wind 10-30mph. I'm 170lbs. I have tried the futura 122. Loved the board, but it was a little rough in the choppy water and high wind. Do you think the Kode jibes better than the Futuras? Also, are the Kodes almost as fast as the Futuras. I would like to get a Kode because the construction (wood/carbon) and having it a little more maneuverable than the futura. But a some board shops that have not tried the board feel they are too slow for free-ride and the futura would be a better choice for me. In the 112 range, I have read freewave boards are a better choice than a free-ride. Any thoughts. Sorry for all the questions.


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