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Default RE: 2007 Evo feedback?

Hi Northy
Sorry about the late reply. Have been in Sambawa for the last little while with no email access.
In answer to your question, No. The changes that have been made have not affected the boards planing ability. You're right, the objective of these boards have not really been to try and get the board up on the plane the fastest, but more what is going to make wave riding firstly easier, and now with a greater performance level.
Some people found the 83 pretty stiff, if not that heavy, but I kinda did too, so that board has been made to initiate a turn easier with the tail being pulled in., as did the 74 and 70.
We were very carefull not compromise the boards onshore capabilities however. sure you could make a board looser, but could you maintain the onshore drive required for the long clew out bottom turn. And I believe yes we did.
(I don't like it when a board bogs in a turn)
The feel of the boards are quite similar in the evo fashion, they're just easier to turn and have a quicker rail to rail response, with a tighter smoother arc in gouging or cutbacks, and allows a more vertical appraoch at the lip as well when going down the line.
The changes have made the boards slipperier in a straight line, which is fairly apparent when powered up.
I'm super stoked with what came out and look forward to hearing about other people who have tried their new boards.
I'm pretty sure they're still(even more so) the ultimate take anywhere board
Scott mck
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