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I have finally opted for the 133 model, because I was expecting more leverage (planing power) from this model in light wind conditions. It's a perfect match for my new 2008 V8 8.5. In chop, however, it quickly becomes a bumpy ride, perhaps the 122 would indeed have been the better choice.

Anyway, I am astonished and awed by the control the Futura offers, even for a sailor with rather limited windsurfing experience like me (4th season starting now). The Futura allows you to go fast in optimal conditions.

I have bolted the footstraps in the inside inserts, but I am disappointed by the lack of comfort this position offers once on a plane, it really is too much centered - your back foot, especially, has the tendency to outstretch on the flattish deck if you want to flatten the board or accelerate by leaning more into the harness. I constantly want to retract my feet from the straps, in order to position them more against the rail in order to push more against the fin for leverage. A symptom (in my view) for badly positioned inserts... The outside position, on the other hand, is, well... rather extreme and racey, and really only suited for advanced slalommers. In this respect, the Futura lacks good freeride strap inserts. Which really is a pity, because it offers so much confidence to go fast that it is the best trainer you can imagine if you want to gain experience and are aiming at membership of the "slalom university of windsurfing".

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