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Default beginner to winner


have you @ least tried to windsurf ?
it is NOT for the faint of heart
i am also 100 kg and started on older longboards - which did not cost a lot
if you buy a GO 170 even used + sail etc - it's gonna cost
suggest you "beg, borrow or steal" a board in the 170 + liter range
many people also suggest lessons if you can
i usually bring people to the lake to see if they even have natural balance
one fellow really wanted to windsurf, butt he had NO balance
i suggested he not buy, but come n try my stuff ANY time
once again - beg , borrow or rent !!!! first
i encourage windsurfing, but still find it expensive - for me in any case
must have an idea before investing - in ANY case
good luck and as they say ALOHA :-)
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