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Originally Posted by Stef68 View Post
I have finally opted for the 133 model, because I was expecting more leverage (planing power) from this model in light wind conditions. It's a perfect match for my new 2008 V8 8.5. In chop, however, it quickly becomes a bumpy ride, perhaps the 122 would indeed have been the better choice.

Anyway, I am astonished and awed by the control the Futura offers, even for a sailor with rather limited windsurfing experience like me (4th season starting now). The Futura allows you to go fast in optimal conditions.

Hi Stef,
I am about your weight (70Kg) and I think our weights have a fundamental problem with light-air and big boards. To get going we still need volume and a big sail, but we are more easily overpowered if by any chance the wind comes up. I have an Isonic 111 and I still own an old Mike Lab Course (probably 130L, long 76cm wide with a 57 tail). The Mike Lab is way faster to get on plane in marginal conditions, but it gets very hard to deal with (for me) if conditions gets even moderately rough: it works very well, mind you, but you simply cannot do a mistake. The Is-111 is much easier in those conditions, but ... it stalls much more in marginal winds. I think the problem is fundamental: at 70Kg 130L and a 7.5-8.5 sail are a lot, and require a lot of technique outside of the comfort zone, say steady 7-12 knots. Live in a place (like I do) where the wind can go 8 to 20 in 10' and you are in for some fun time!

This is just to say that you probably made the correct choice getting the Futura 133: maybe the Futura 122 (somewhat close to the Is-111) would be marginally more controllable but you would probably loose the light-wind capability.

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