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Cool Best isonic

just to tell you, I finally got the 86 only because I had to limit to 1 board.
But I bought 6 sails : 4,2-4,7-5,2-5,7-6,2 and 6,7
I've tried my board in Leucate 5 times in strong wind conditions : 30 to 50 knots :-)
It is perfect. It is fast and I can manage to control it in strong wind so I'm happy with it.
I need to test with the GPS but my feeling is that the speed is very good compare to the others and without much effort.
So far I've tried only with 4,2 to 5,7. I haven't tried with 6,2 and 6,7.
I've also bought few fins to adapt to the various conditions.
I've registered for the "Defi Wind". I'm pretty excited to see how it goes...

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