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Ian Fox
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Default RE: For Ian - high wind board choice

Hi Screamer,

Ola's done the great job in setting you up. If you wanted to ditch the extra board (K86)and stay with the minimal quiver, then the K79 or the PA80 should be considered to be possible - but just, with minimal or no real overlap to iS111 range. Also worth noting the new K79 (and all new K's) have a different bottom shape / ride to the older K86.
2007 PA80 is definitely a better wave board, but secretly my opinion is the 06 PA80 is a better hi wind blaster/B&J ride. 80 will be very well behaved thru chop and wildstuff, and sized well for all but the absolute nuke days, in which case (for 85kgs) the PA74 for sure as long as the wind is solid and filled in, but also remembering the trade off is the 74 won't give enough bottom end to go (safely) ditch the K86 and still retain any decent overlap to iS111.

Definitely the optional smaller fin on the waveboards is good for the absolute mega days, it allows a decent "downsizing" of the ride/handling but doesn't detract from the critical board volume/size when using super small sails in hi but gusty winds (as long as the board is good the little extra volume in those conditions is less issue for blasting/B&J but the slight extra size (if well behaved) can be a bonus if the conditions get less than ideal as is often the case on epic sessions)

Cheers ~ Ian
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