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After 15 years off, 130 kg, and with only (?) planing windsurfing in mind I would suggest something like the Futura 155 and a 10 m2 freeride sail.

If you are going to sail only in planing conditions you should not have a dagger (like the Rio). It just adds complexity, weight and resistance.

A 155 liter board will give you just about enough float for uphauling, but 35 liters more than body weight would be better for stability. This kind of a freeride board still turns with some ease compared to a Formula.

A 12 m2 sail is really a handful. If you could manage with a 10 m2 sail you would have much more fun. Such a sail is lighter and easier to manouver. And you should go for a freeride rather than a race sail. A freeride sail is typically easier to rig and handle, and is not just optimized for overpowering winds.

On the other hand, a Formula and a 11 m2 (at least) sail is of course also an option.
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