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Hello my dear friend,
great to hear the FE is in Russia. This class is growing very fast all around the globe.

My name is Ricardo Guglielmino, team Starboard and 2nd place Overall in the FE Worlds 2008. My experience in FE boards is great and have been racing this class since 2002.

The boards since 2006 at least have a really good finish. I can compare this finish with my Isonic or my Evo and really is the same.
Maybe your board have a problem. For sure, there is always a very small % of boards on any model that come with a problem or a not so good finish.
But you are paying here a lower price for a good finish and good performance board.
Please check with your dealer if your problem is a factory problem as soon as possible.

Also, you can send me a picture of your board to give you my opinion too. My email is

Please dont hesitate to drop me an email if you need it.

Ricardo Guglielmino
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