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Default futura 101 for sonic 95?

A few months ago I bought a sonic 85 (2006). Man, really love that board! Now I can get hands on a brand new hardly used sonic 95 (2006) for a very low price, tried it yesterday: felt great, speed with ease and a light feeling. The sonic 85 i use with 5.4 and 6.2. The 95 would be used with 6.2- 7.2 and maybe 7.8.

But... I do already own a 2008 futura 101 for the same sailsizes. And a isonic 125... Have to say I like the feeling of the sonics 85+95 more than the futura, much more aggresive and more speed with a lighter feeling. But will a quiver with sonic 85-sonic 95- isonic 125 be as good as sonic 85-futura 101- isonic 125???

I can also keep the futura 101 AND the sonic 95...

what do you think??
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