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Default getting back in windsurfing

most replies here sound like salesmen/women :-)

i also have a preferred board based on my experience, but it is irrelevant

as always, i say - beg , borrow or "steal"
try lessons if @ all possible
things have changed and so have you

people are now using little boards around 80 liters and others are using SUP boards ...
for your weight the board calculator says no smaller than 160 liters
--- the range in sails is similiar - FOR YOUR WEIGHT 12 m sail is good in 3 or 4 beaufort -- 15 to 25 kph about
and for me as always things cost $$$$

beg, borrow, "steal" and try, try stuff

if you were in quebec i could let you try an old longboard, an intermediate old board or a new FW board and you would see the new boards are really different and much "easier" to learn and to plane

wish you lotsa luck - perhaps you never shouda left the sport ? :-)

just kidding - hope you choose the right thing for you and your area !!! "mistakes" are expensive and take up space for nothing

once again, all the best !!!!

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