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Default RE: iSonic 105, high winds, lightweight sailor

Hi Steve C. and o2bnme,
I'm going to try the 28 cm Lessacher in the Isonic 101 first chance I get.
I like the Lessacher "DUO" assymwtrical concept, but I do find that I'd really like some that are "set forward".
He's got them in prototyping, but I don't have any yet to try.
I think a 28-32 cm Duo set forward in the box would be as close to a
good slalom fin as you could possibly find.
I'm having good luck with the Tangent Dynamics Reapers which are set forward, and have a progressive LE rake angle.
We used the big Lessacher on the Gemini because any fin that's set forward interferes with the centerboard.
Hope this helps,
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