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Default RE: Foot Strap Positioning


On the 06 PA 73 vs 07 PA 74 issue: I would EASILY choose the PA74. I like the 73 too, and it has some nice traits coming from its EVO heritage which I've probably written about before. The new PA 74 however is one of these magic feeling boards that you get on once in a while. If has a pretty different feel from the 73 since its a v designs instead of a concave and that kind of makes it more fin driven in a straightline. I would say it has become a more natural blaster and on the powered up days at Kanaha when I was testing it I couldn't resist going a couple of 100 meters extra on the way out just to get a taste of that blasting. On the wave the new 74 has kind of a stiffer rockerd but more narrow tail and it give you the feel of having something really sharp, right at your command under you back feet. The kind of round outline makes the board easy going, loose and forgiving at slower speeds. The best thing about the boar is how it turns at speed though, especially if you do a fairly front footed turn. It just GRIPS with as much rail as you can get in the water and then draws you around (actually, the Kombat has the same bottom design and feels just as good but in a wider tailed package - a real wave board this year but in a wider tailed package).

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