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Originally Posted by cholo View Post
with the same fin, sail, rider, a wider board can go more upwind?


With the same fin/sail/rider a wider board will ideally NOT go higher upwind. A wider board is needed to carry a longer fin/sail to get more pressure @ low-speed. If you use the same fin/sail I really think the smaller board goes higher upwind...

HOWEVER for most sailors it is the other way (wider board goes higher upwind), but this means the rider's weight is way to much on his feet on not hanging in his sail. This feetpressure causes the smaller board to be much more draggy.

I tried to better my upwindspeed a month ago... 26kn average @ 60 degrees was the result. Wind was 18kn, board was 61cm wide and I used a Select SL7 31cm. It was not the the width of the board that did the trick...

My best registerd angle WITH speedtuning is still 55 degrees from the wind. HOWEVER with Carbon Art Speed 44 + Tectonics Falcon F1 24cm + Gaastra Vapor 5.5 the upwind angle was even more extreme (take in mind there was a lot more wind involved). TO bad my computer crashed, can't read those gps files today.


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