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Default board quiver, please some advise...

I'm thinking of getting rid of my carve 99 after many years of fun! awesum board!
BUT It's a bit big in high winds and would like to have two boards instead. A 85L (approx) wave/freeride and a 105L (approx) freeride board.

My weight is 77 KG and I just want to go fast, jump now and then, gybe, and have control in choppy conditions and that's about it. Not that interested in double forward loops. My sail quiver is 4.7 - 5.2 - 5,9 and 7m. (NeilPryde) I sail in conditions from 15 to 25 knots in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia

Would the Pure Acid 86L be suitable for the small bord in the quiver? I know it's a hardcore wave board but apparently suitable for freeride blasting too. I saw a few (second hand) 2008 models around. The big board is going to be likely a JP.

Thanks for your help. Job
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