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Hi Job

As I see it the choice is between Acid86 and Kombat/Kode 86. I'm not sure that a pure wave board can serve as your main bump/jump board. I suppose it can, since you're not that heavy, but only if you have very consistent winds, maybe someone from Gorge/Tarifa/Canaries/etc will chime in (I'm a freshwater sailor, 86kg, and I do use an Acid, and it is a good freeride/blasting board, but only when it's really howling). Where I live it can be very gusty, so wider tail Kombat/Kode is usually a better choice on most days, even when it's strong (even those sailors that don't like Kombats, admit they are very CONTROL oriented boards).

Btw, K86 is just about perfect for your sails 4.7-5.9. Since you've sailed a Carve99 for so long, I guess K86 will be small/controllable enough without the need for a real, narrow tail wave board.

Good luck

PS I don't know your conditions exactly, but if you want to cover as much as possible, I think you can safely go for a 110-115l bigger board to carry 7.5-8.0 (if you need it) and use 5.9 on both boards.

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