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Originally Posted by luis garcia yuste View Post

Im 78kg ( neoprene included), and I interested to buy a board to freeride blast, bump and jnp, and wavesailing less 1m wave ( im a bengineer wavesailor).
My sails are:
. for 25 knts: 5.0m2 ( 60% of days)
- for 30 knts: 4,2m2 (30% of days)
- for 35-40 knt: 3,7m2 (10 % of days)
I usually sail on the Mediterranean sea ( costa Brava- spain- Girona - ), could you know this spot for the PWA slalom event. But in winter it have a strongs winds, with a little choppy, and some wave ( less 1m).

Actually I have a Kode 94, that is perfect for flat sea and 6,5m2 ( 15 knts), 5,7m2 (20 knots), and 5,0m2 ( 25knots).

what kode do you recomended me, K80 or K74 to add with K94?
one more, the wind is North and it is a bit variable, it means that it is at 25 knots, and then it fall at 20knots.
thanks a lot.
Kode 74 if not 68, with 40% in 4.2/3.7 the 80 is too big, and the 74 is very happy with a 5.0.
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