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Originally Posted by luis garcia yuste View Post
HI Screamer,

IŽll change my actual GW83 for K80 or K74, and my quiver will be k94+k80 or k94+k74.

Hi Davide, tanks for your answer.
The last year I sailed this days:
- 1 days in gw83+3.7m2, it isnŽt my first option sail with 3.7, only occasionally
- 4 days in GW83+4.2m2
- 6 days in GW83+5.0m2, good conditions
- 10 days in K94+5.0m2, gusty conditions, in this days is better a little bit of volumen wjen the wind is down and a just sail for the gust.
what do you think, k74 or k80?

thans for all.
well with 1 day with the 3.7 I would go with the Kode 74, it has a bit of a smaller print then my Acid 74 and it should work very well in those 10 days of 4.2/5.0.
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