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Default RE: Isonic 2007 -> 2006 changes

Ian Fox wrote:

Q5 =My weight is about 74 kg and i surf on flat water (very choppy most of the time) in Holland
A5 = OK, but if you would like us to recommend one of iS87or 94, please let us know your sail size range (min/max/typ) and also the style of sailing you will prefer on iS (slalom race/blasting/speed?)
All of those things are serious factors to decide the choice.

Ian Fox ~ StarBoard Team
Hi Ian,

Thank you for the quick response
The sails i would be using would be 6.5 m? and 5.8m? freerace sails (maybe 7.5 in very flat conditions, but it's no must.. i have a hypersonic for that sail)
once i need to go smaller i tend to use more comfortable board/sail combo's like a old tiga wave with freeride sail
My style is not purely speed oriented, but mainly slalom minded.
I love to do "one hour" sessions for gps-speedsurfing.
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