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Default RE: Foot Strap Positioning

Okay Roger,

Thanks for the feedback on the new Acid. I noticed the narrower tail and kinda liked that as the one 73 pretty much matched my old Protech Sean Ordonez 255 in dimensions except for length. Reading into the reviews and having ridden next to a mate with the older Acid 70, the Acid was faster and twitchier.

So for me I kinda like the Acids as it is a newer design and seems suited to slightly higher winds and doubles as a bump jump board. If the new 74 is more blasting than the old one, assuming blasting means more easy to get speed and jump, then this is fine by me! Forgiving at slower speeds sounds good too, as I know sometimes when buring the front rail, my current boards can stall a bit. When I rode a JP RWW 76 I noticed it was forgiving in this sense. But I've got a JP FSW 78 and it's just nice to add some style to my collection and the new Acid has plenty of that!! B)

Going back to the F type, we decided for the 63 fin as the biggest. We were surprised how quick the board was considering we've just got on it. But credit to you, you did say we should compete with the much older SB formula board.

I'll have to try the F-type with the 7.2 RS-S sail as well. I never intended to as I have my Protech Z-26 for this, but why not experiment eh!

I'll let you know how things go once I get the new G-sport fins!


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