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I know this info already month or more...a main distributor in each state get an info email from Svein with all the info. All I know is that it will be full production board, in 2x2 options (quad fin/convertible and carbon-wood/wood).

I have to find the printout first and than I can write the volumes and measures to be produced.

But thanks for the link, there were pictures I did not see till now.
I guess the bigest will be 87 liters (that is what I am interested in).

If you would like to know more about the measures and volumes let me know and I will post it...if it is no problem for the starboard team.

PS: I very much like the look of a new Gator and S-1, am out of budget but will probably get some...
PA 86 & eVo 100 (with S-1); iS 101 & 122 & 144 (with Overdrive)

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