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when I sail centered and slightly underpowered I can easily ride the fin leaning on the leeward rail (it's soooo pleasant!). But then the gust hits and I am slightly overpowered with some chop and I see the good guys increasing both angle and speed, some even put the board flat, while I am not increasing the upwind angle, unless I sheet out the sail but loosing a lot of speed. It's not a matter of fin.

In those cases usually my front foot is not loaded any more and I struggle to keep it in the the strap. I can gain some angle without loosing speed by pushing like hell with the back foot. But soon I get tired... Also it happens that I push my sail so much to the back that it is digging in the water. This last thing suggests me to move the mast back, but the unloaded back foot suggests me to move the mast to the front... So I don't know what to do...
My goal is to learn a better technique for VMG that does not involve so much back foot pressure...

any help?
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