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Default S-Type 137 07/07 vs S-Type 126 2005

2nd attempt, first one disappeared within the site . ..

Hi SB Team,

I had a Sonic 110 which I changed into a S-Type 126. Compared to the Sonic I was missing a lot the upwind bite, which you need to get back once you have been gone on a really fast trip over 30 knots . . . As the 126 was also to close to the S-Type 115 I also have, I sold the 126. Now I am thinking of buying an S-Type 137, model 06 or 07 or an I-Sonic 125/122. Does the S-Type 137 has more upwind bite from the rails than the 126, or is that the same (in that case I would prefer the I-Sonic). What is the main difference between the S-Type 137 from year 06 to 07, the catalog says the cut outs have been changed, in which way, larger, more like the ones from the Sonics/I-Sonics?

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