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Default Please freeride board 115L 85kg rider Futura 111L and different board

Futura 111L 2009 model wood or technora.

verzus Mistral screamer 2009 116L,Naish Global Freeride 2009 115L.

Location water Slovak republik Dunaj.
Im sail Ezzy Sails 6,3/7m freeride/move.
On Slovak republik Dunai shore not good conditions water,wind.Wresh water.Wind 3-6BT.
Wind range 4m/s-10m/s max 12m-s max 20-25kn

Need akceleration,speed,manevre.
Freeride,smack freemove.Freeride-freemove in wave

I have Mistral Mistral syncro 103L move board.

Yes cluck hydros take care of /start water/.

Pozicion yard boards water start.
Put yard on board.
Yard on Board water start best intensive wind,wawe.

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