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Default RE: Red Bull Storm Chase - Gossip?

Hi James,

I made some forecasts for the (possible) locations for the event. The special part about this storm low was:
-It was really a large scale low covering a wide area, almost all spots with its storm force winds up to more than 50 Kts avg and peaks over 65 Kts.
-It really had a nasty N'ly windfield with in it the strongest winds building the waves over spots in northern Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Germany (north sea) and Denmark up to 7 mtr avg. The N'ly direction of the stormforce winds made building up for such high waves favourable. 7 mtr is not quite common for the southern North Sea. You really need to have a long fetch with N'lies to build such massive waves.
-The smallest sails I heard so far where 3.3 mtr, but even this size was way to big at the peak of the storm. I read that 2.8 mt would also be a nice altnative.
-N'lies brought wintery weather over Baltice Sea region espicially with only temperatures a few degrees over zero. This in combination with the storm force winds made it another challenging factor: windchill. In the southern North Sea area it also was cold, but the high sea water temperatures up to 15 degrees after the warmest period from july-october ever made temperatures more bearable.
-I guess someone might have been hurt when I see those guys flying with or without equipment. However there was just a very small amount of dedicated riders on each spot which was closely monitored.

Overall I think the combination of large low, favourable winddirection, huge waves and track of low made this an excellent combination of factors which appear very few times in a year. To bring this conditions over the spots in one single weatherevent is very difficult. I'm really looking forward for the DVD
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