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Originally Posted by Marko View Post
I have is101 2007 and is122 2008.

I think that is122 is very nice also with 6.7. I used it in racing and I could score top5 places with this combo. I think that Jesper Orth even won some races with 6.7/122.

is122 is extremely easy in chop and in gybe but you have to be sure to be full powered with 6.7 if you want to be fast. You have to drive it on the fin all the time. I used it once in flat water and wind up to 35-40 knots and it was super easy (but with small fin, sl2 37).
In fact, if the wind is gusty, I prefer 122 to 101 for racing with 6.7. In constant winds, 101 is better with 6.7.
Marko must be a big guy to hang on to a 6.7 on his iS 122 in 35-40 knots.

I also believe that small sails on big boards is somewhat dependent on how steady the wind is and the sailor's weight. In puffy, variable conditions, the small sails are much less forgiving, but if the wind is steady a small sail will work just fine.
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