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I indeed think I go for the 122 for my 8.2 and consider a 101 for the 7.0. Two boards are the option, or a 111 for compromise. but I realy like the minimum winds with a 8.2 so I think a 122 would be good.
111 and 101 would be way too close, covering almost the same range of conditions. Most of iSonic sailors usually choose boards 2 sizes apart (I know some that go even further, for example 94+122) and still have useful overlap.

PS With regard to Drake fins, it's good to see a few sailors here who don't hate them ;-)))
Nothing wrong with my fins for iS122 (2008). Yes softer than the Deb (I've compered them several times), but fast enough for me, rangey, and they rarely spinout with minimum attention.
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