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it si the same I had.

Yep you are right you will loose a bit of power, there some ideas to improve sure to tight the sailfoot tight around the mast extension...and when sailing with adjustable outhaul...set the sail flat (1-2 extra cm of outhaul).

When sailing on the reach or downwind you can release it a little and before a turn tight it back on.

I did it before i bought a longer boom to make the sail flatter and it worked.
I would say that the Overdrive is not that powerfull as it thought to be, but there is still enough to get you on the plain and when the sail is a little more flat it is much faster on top end and you can stick with it even in pretty strong winds.

I do not have a problem with the cambers since I use a bit more outhaul and the sail 10sqm still can get me going if it is steady 10 knots gustying 13. And I am 100kg guy.

Sorry if I disappointed you!

PS: you do not have to post any pictures because it is the same problem as I had in my OD (interestingly only in the bigger sizes).

Ciao Michal.
PA 86 & eVo 100 (with S-1); iS 101 & 122 & 144 (with Overdrive)
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