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The sad thing is if you want to race in the FE class you don't have many options.
Sailworks Retro: I can't find here in Brazil.
Gaastra GTX: 2008 was FE legal, 2009 I don't know.
Severne is the only brand making a FE dedicated sail, and I alerady had the severne Blue Line 540 mast.
Maui: I can find, but lost the chance to buy one because nobody uses the Titan here.
Neil Pryde, North Sails and etc don't make FE sails.
I think more brands could make FE sails and FE boards, the class is saving windsurfing race here in Brazil.
North could make the RAM in 11.0 size, Neil Pryde could make the V8 in the 11.0 size too.
Well, that's it.
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