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My Tomcat 42 is significantly better than the Drakes that came with my board (38 & 44). However, I have seen some recent reports that the new Drakes may be better than the 2008 models. I don't know if they changed the design for '09 or not, but the '08 fins have BIG spin out problems.
Just to bring in a bit more info on the Drake, I have a Isonic 2008 and I am quite happy with the 38 and 44, I wet sanded them with 1200 grit and I do not have spin out problems (I never tried them before wet sanding).
I am tempted to get a Vector Canefire 40m (I really like my Rockit 32/36) to go with the board but since I do not race this might be really low in the list.
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