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as i am in the harness, but keeping them too long , i have enjoyed the benefit of less effort and planing. From all your points here , from what i have read and from what i have seen, i should have enough info to really try n blast. also watch some "learner dvd's" that give much of the same info.

your comments here are ALL really, really appreciated.

last time i blasted, even with the long lines, i noticed the pull was at the backhand. so, i will also move the lines back a little to start...

will try to lower the boom just a little since i keep it around neck level...

roger seems to suggest footstraps first ... {others like guy cribb n jem hall seem to suggest it also}
to help with this, should i move the sail forward in the track for control and counter balance ie just to get in the straps and then adjust later ?? AND am reading some forums about back foot first ??

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