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Default RE: severne sails tack pully?

Hi Dave,
What mast base (brand....i.e. Chinook, HPL, Streamlined, North, NP)
are you using?
Are the pulleys in the sail and the pulleys on your mast base "oriented" the same way....i.e. do the pulleys on your Severne sail have the "axle" running across the board, or fore and aft, and which way is the "axle" oriented on your mast base?
How close do your sail tack pulleys and mast base pulleys come together when you have your sail fully downhauled?
Your issues could be due to how you are "threading" the pulleys, or how far away they are when your rig is fully tuned.
Also, what model is your Severne sail? I've been rigging some Gators,
and NCX's on HPL (Across the board) and Streamlined (fore and aft) with no problems.
Hope this helpps,
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