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wow, what an explanation

hope others benefit toooo

if yur interested, will let yas know how it goes

have already removed the 40 + cm harness, moved the 30 cm harness to about 6 hands back, butt as roger says, i'm goin' 4 speed - so , front foot first with back foot in the sweet spot and only then adjust harness fully - will rig it in backyard in order to get close to ideal settings

i'm already dreamin about it

ok, so where is the wind this week ?...

... why move forward in mast track ?
have read about 135 cm, center of mast track , etc...
also read about forward for control or larger sails and back for speed or smaller sails
again, i do not feel difference yet
therefore will go for center for now ....

thx again ....

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