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Default Futura 122 vs. Kode 122

I have a Go 155 that I've been using for several years and want to get a smaller, lighter board. I am 148 lbs, 5'8", 57 yrs; I'm using the harness, middle front footstraps and forward rear straps positions, can beach start (not well in deep water), gybe (not carve, not pretty), tack (not always, not pretty), can plane and waterstarting is on my to do list. I sail in a lagoon with chop and will try the ocean when my skills improve.

I'm trying to figure out the difference between the Futura 122 and the Kode 122. I've read the Starboard data. I've ridden the Futura and the front straps seem too far back to me; top speed is not important to me.

Are the front strap inserts more forward and inboard on the Kode 122?

I need a comfortable, light weight board that I can uphaul while I progress with my skills.
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