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Hello Novice,
At your weight, you would be able to uphaul either the Futura 122 or Kode 122 with ease.
Both have plenty of float.
Not sure why you have not progressed further back into the more advanced footstraps on your GO 155.
Either the Kode or Futura 122 will almost demand that you move a little further back on the board as this is where your weight needs to be to get satisfactory performance (which you may have been missing on your GO 155) from these boards.
Where the footstraps are, thus where your weight needs to be, is based on the rockerline; rocker transition; and planing surface location on the bottom of these boards.
If you do not get your weight far enough back on the board, the nose cannot lift enough to get the bow wave under your board to move back beyond the rocker transition.
So, the board will not get up on top of the water and plane easily and freely.

Futura 122 122 244.0 72.0 47.3 7.05 7.35
Kode 122 122 235.0 72.0 46.6 9.8
I pasted in the specs. here to illustrate that the Kode Tufskin is narrower at the 1 foot off measurement and that the weight of the Kode 122 is nearly 2.5 Kg. heavier than the
Futura (Technora Construction) and 2.75 Kg. heavier than the Futura (WOOD).
The Kode may actually weigh more than your GO 155 (depends on which year model and construction your GO 155 is).
So, it would seem that to achieve your stated goal ( "a comfortable, light weight board that I can uphaul") that the Futura is the better choice.
The Futura 122 is really an awesome board with a huge range of use.
You probably would get accustomed to the slighty further back footstrap positions very quickly.
Hope this helps,
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