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Hi guys,

thanks a lot for yours advises. I`ve buyed the kode74 wood carbon, and the last saturday (20th june) I tested with a 5.0 m2 sail (Naish session) in Costa Brava ( is the same beach were the last week has done the pwa slalom race, but the diference is the orientation of wind, race salalom was made with Sud 12-14knots, and the last saturday was NW 20-25 knots).

In the morming the wind was a little variable between 15-25 knots, but I sailed with a 5.0m2 and Kode 94, and it was fine when the wind was between 20-25kn. Afther 14.00 h, the wind was more constant ( 20-25knots), and k94 was too big.I think is the moment to try K74 +5.0 m2 , and I was great, more control on the surf and choppy, it plane easily, and very fast, and the best was the gybe ( very easy and narrower).

I cant doubt than K74 is perfect for 3,7 and 4,2, my doubt it will be if 5.0m2 are confortable, but in this moments IŽam sure is a good option k74+k94.
I can reconigze that the narrower width I donŽt feel,only in the first moment to plane.

In the other hand, the boards that I more use are K94 and Is122, and the last year I was sailed 74 days ( 11 days with GW83+3.7/4.2/5.0m2, 24days with Kombat96+5.0/5.7/6.5m2, and 39 days with Is122+6.5 /7.3 /9.0m2).

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