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Default Kode 80 + pair it with a smaller one

Hi guys,

Iím in the middle of buying a new board(s). I weight 80kg and I managed to stick with an Evo 80 2007 for the last two years as a one board quiver. As my biggest sail is 5.3 the EVO worked well for me in marginal conditions, once on the wave doesnít really matter anyway, however you need to get to the lineup. My first question is whether the Kode 80 can provide me the same floating experience in marginal (18kts) conditions on a 5.3 as the EVO 80 does, or how does this compare. Iíve tried a KODE 80 in good 4.7 conditions, and it jumps, wavesail better than the EVO (at least this is my opinion, EVO is a great board too, I believe in the end this is up the personal preferences), also in cross-onshore waves I felt that is better, I just wonder whether it can keep me out sailing when the EVO does? This will be my biggest board.

As many times I felt my EVO 80 too big in bump and jump conditions, Iím considering buying a smaller Kode 74 for 3.7-4.2 even 4.7 weather Ė you think they are too close or they make a perfect pair? For the small Kode Iím thinking on the wood or technora version, which one is stronger? I feel that the 68 would be too small, maybe I should pair it with an EVO 70?

One last question - should I wait for the 2010 Kodes, any big known differences?

Thanks in advance.
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