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Yes, Kode vs EVO once on a wave is VERY much a matter of personal preference allthough in 4.7 conditions it is a bit of an unfair advantage to compare the E80 and K80 since in fact, the E80 IS a much bigger board. K80 vs E75 would have been more fair and given the EVO a better chance to show its strengths.

In fact, EVOs can be seems as very thin boards. If you choose them "normal" in volume you gain early planing and performance in slow waves, but loose out in when powered up. Since they also schlogg much better than their volume indicates, you can safely go down a step if you're looking for an all round board.

But to go back to your questions: No a Kode 80 will feel smaller and not at all act as floaty as an EVO 80. You pretty much need to go to a Kode 86 to get comparable light wind comfort. The Kode 80 works very nicely with a 5.3 though. Planes early, goes up wind well and so. But for "floating" the EVO 80 win hands down. And this carrise over to riding small and powerless waves, particularly in on/cross on too.

But if you ride mostly powered up, I think a Kode 80 can be a good idea, then combined with a Kode 68 for high wind duties. The 74 is to close, and in fact, allready the Kode 80 is very good in high wind. But the 68 is very small for you and if you are looking for a quiver, maybe the Kode 80 is a to "middle" type of board (Kode 86+74 would meybe be more practical). En option would be Kode 80 and EVO 70. The EVO 70 has a similar range as the Kode 74, but would offer a different style which I personally feel is VERY good in for example very windy conditions couple with smaller waves where you can make good use of the extra turnability of the EVO. A small EVO like the 70 for you is something totally different when it comes to feel and agility that a big one like the 80. And the EVO 70 is a magic shape.

Another option, and a very valid one, would be to keep your EVO 80 for light and "slow" days. Few boards do the float and ride thing so well. Then, if you like to explote the sharper Kode feel, get Kode 74 as a complement. The Kode 74 is not so much smaller than the 80 you tried and very effective with a 5.0. Even at your weight, it will work super well with 4.7 also in onshore. Then you can use the Kode 74 when powered up (and even powered up 5.3 would work) and the EVO when underpowered (down to 4.7 say). The Kode 74 would be small enough for 3.7 so you would have a great package with both a big range and a healthy overlap. An EVO 70 would of course do the same job, but with EVO flair, vert and style insted of Kode power, precisions and agility.
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