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Default RE: The writing on the fin

Hi o2bnme,
Well, you are a light weight, and you have a pretty wide board (96 cm) so to get planing the earliest, the '03 70 cm Drake is probably the correct tool. That was the stock fin on Formula 147/117 and the J&Y
ASA FE 156.
Not a bad fin at all.
Good to get you going early, but I'd bet you would like a 66 cm Deboichet Concept even better once the windspeed gets above 10 knots.
That fin was not particularly stiff (as far as 70 cm Formula fins go) but
it had a good foil, and for your purposes and at your weight the softer flex is probably better as it helps to get you planing earlier as you get
a bit more "push" as the fin straightens out after each pump, and it "foot pumps" better also.
It was the "state of the art" OEM formula fin at the time and I do believe that Deboichet had something to do with that design.
In < 10 knots, it&#39;s appropriate for you size. In more than 10 knots, on the F-Type 148, it&#39;s awfully big and I would expect some control issues at around 15 knots.
For a 200 lb. (90.7 Kg.) sailor, the 70 cm would be a fairly good fin.
I&#39;ve used that fin on the FE 156 while racing in Thailand a few years back and I wished I had though to bring my Deboichet Concept 66 cm as it would have suited my size alot better.
Hope this helps,
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