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Default Spinouts with Futura

I have a Futura 122 Wood and I did use it in choppy water with a 7.5 Severne C2 (two cams) in very choppy waters (gusty winds 4 to 6 bft), my weight is 80 kg. I had absolutely no spinouts with the provided 40cm fin, but I am used not to push the boards to hard with the back foot, but letting them glide towards the upwind direction smoothly . . .

To improve the performance of the board, I can recommend the drake race fins from the I-Sonics. I use the 2008 40cm witth a V8 7.0 and the same 42 cm fin with a V8 8.0, works great, the board is gaining performance which is comparable to a slalom board. I also already used the board with 8.5 C2 and a 46 cm select elite custom fin, I think it can also carry my V8 9.0 with this fin . . .
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