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I think for Cabo Verde, the Kode 80 is the best option. But it is not so because the EVOs would not work but rather because what I wrote in the beginning - EVOs are low volume for their size. And at a place like CV most people would like some bonus volume.

But I remember talking to Scotty about this just after the first CV event. He had taken the Kode (then Acid) 80 for the above reasons, but ended up regretting it, missing the EVO feel.

But as mentioned, the Kode 80 will not be as good in the light wind stuff at home. And EVO 80 will be to wide/big for CV. And Kode 74 to sinky. So compromises have to be made.

One thing to add though, is that even in rather extreme schlogging conditions, there is much more to it than volume. I schlogg pretty much as good on my ET70 as on my Kode 80. The ET is so amazingly stable and feels much bigger than the 72 liter is it, while the Kode is a bit wiggle, like all similar style boards. At my 70 kilos I'm super confident on the ET70 even when there is pretty much no wind. MUCH more so than on the Kode 74 or even EVO 70. But these things also change with weight. For you the ET70 will surely be to sinky.

So combining it all it gets difficult. ET 80 maybe.... but that would mean you would probably still want something smaller for the super windy days which means two new boards. But the ET 80 for me seems like the best combo of light wind performance at home and dtl performance at CV in one board.

But ET is also the most un tried card for you. One odd option would be to sacrifice a bit of super high wind performance and get the Kode 80 and keep the EVO 80. Sounds strange but makes sense They are in practice CLEARLY once "size" apart. You would then compromise a bit of high wind performance compared to getting a K74, but it would be far from a disaster. In all but the highest winds, rigging a bit smaller will smooth things out also on the K80.

What do you think? If the E80 turns out redundant, you can always either get by on one board or add what you then feel would be an appropriate partner.

BTW. If the ET option sounds tempting, you might wanna check back in a few days.
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