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Thanks again Ola,

ET is indeed an extremely nice board in waves. I've tried the ET74 at it was just amazing, the way how easy turns vertical on the face; it was like i was riding on rails (literary), however I don't consider buying one, I like the single fin feeling as well, however requires more commitment.

Considering all the input I've got from you I probably have two realistic options

1. Keep my current EVO 80 for a while and have a Kode 74
2. Have a Kode 80 and an EVO 70 (I do like the EVO feeling, so Scotty is not alone in this - however I like the way how easily the Kode jumps);

Another option is to get rid of a few kilos , probably I can get down to 78 from 80, not too much, though... and change my NP Combat's to a much lighter S1's.

Thanks again for your time, it was very helpful.
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