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Default Bought 'New' but Got Used/Waterlogged Board - Help/Fixable?

Hi there,
Thanks for your advice. I just bought a beautiful Kombat 114 that was sold to me as new. I was a bit skeptical because there were some smudges and a few minor marks on it but was assured it was new and the marks were just from being moved around the shop. Anyway, I was too stoked not to buy and took the shop owners word, but after getting it home and preparing to set it up, it seemed a bit heavy. Checked the specs online and it is supposed to be about 17 lbs (7.55 kg with the Tufskin), but when I weighed it, it came in at about 24 lbs. Then I found what look life a couple of after market repair screw holes on the bottom. Maybe those are evidence of an attempted repair? So, the board is about 8 lbs overweight. Can the extra weight be shed by some drying technique? Will the board rot? Anything I can do? Appreciate the help here.
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